Creative Summit

29 JUNE 2016


Creative Summit is a mix between your first ever conference, the best team workshop and a great after work party, with a few secret ingredients added. And only those that attend will ever know what they were and they'll always remain a secret.


We believe it's vital to create environments where people can meet, regardless of industry or background. And we believe that bringing people together is important for collaboration, inspiration and the sharing of new ideas and in creating opportunities.


Creative Summit is open for those that like to share and learn. It's aimed at those that have an interest in innovative ideas, breakthrough technology, new businesses and disruptive services.

We aim to have speakers with a diverse background. In the morning, you could be listening to a story from a global multi-billion dollar turnover company or the founder of an innovative technology startup. In the afternoon you could be watching a visual artist astound you or listening to a classical composer move you. Many people from many backgrounds have shared our stage over the years, with many more to come.


Creative Summit is an annual event that takes place in the north of Sweden, under the midnight sun. Creative Summit 2016 kicks off on June 29th.

Check out what went down at #CRESUM15 where we had the pleasure to present Lucy McRae, Vlad Pick, Sveinung Skaalnes and the theater group known as Unghästen.

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29th June / 9.30am - Registration opens at Nordanå


We are very proud of our partners and the network we have built up since 2007 when the first ever Creative Summit event took place. We're always looking for new partenrs to work with and if you'd like to learn more about how you can become a partner, contact us.